The Faceless Gray Man Who Comes With the Storm

Natural Disasters seem to be epidemic lately.   The volcano in Iceland is one in a chain of disasters that have spread acround the globe.  Every day there is another story of a disaster.  News of  the newest catastrophic disaster has become a regular occurence.   Tonight's ghost would be a gift in times like these and it is a shame that every community couldn't have one, like a kind of more prepared and more helpful FEMA.

The faceless gray man of Pawley's Island is said to warn residents of impending natural disasters.   Pawley's Island is off the coast of South Carolina, so he is usually warning of hurricanes and tropical storms.  The faceless apparition is only sighted when dangerous storms are coming and  has appeared before the hurricanes of 1822, 1893, 1916, 1954, and 1955.  He has saved innumerable lives.   Locals believe that if you see him,  your house will be spared. 

Locals aren't sure who the ghost is, but the legends are numerous.  Some think he is the ghost of Percival Pawley, the first man to settle on the Island.  Other's think he is the ghost of young man, scorned in love, who died running out into a terrible storm after his lover broke his heart.  Whoever he is, he is terrifying to behold.  He is faceless and gray but the sight of him means that you are safe and no harm will come to you.  

I wonder if there is anyway to capture this ghost in a bottle.  He certaintly would be useful.


Autumnforest said…
I like that idea, sort of a mothman without the terror and threat. I think I'd be out checking for him when a hurricane is in the weather report.
Above the Norm said…
I wonder if anyone will capture him on video or with their digital camera. It would be interesting to see him but then again, the mystery of the gray face might be better unseen. Interesting Autumn, I will look for him during hurricane season.
Jessica Penot said…
He seems to be pretty confined to Pawley Island and the island is littered with ghost stories.
i saw this story on unsolved mysteries too!
Jessica Penot said…
I really need to start watching unsolved mysteries.
Pam Morris said…
fascinating, especially the part about his being faceless and grey..guess I envision him as the very old ghost of someone who was washed out to sea.

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