Ghost Photographed in My Living Room!

Recently The Sun has published several stories about ghostly occurences.  One story that was featured with the picture above ran as follows:

The ghostly image of a young boy was captured on camera as builders demolished an old school building.

John Fores, 47, insists the spectral figure was not present when he took the picture of the part-demolished brick building. But when he looked back at the images he spotted the boy, aged around eight with short hair and wearing a dark top, standing on the right of the picture looking into the camera.

The Sun has printed several other similar stories with photos.   Interesting,  that same little boy ghost visited my house today.  Here he is,  playing with my son! 

Wow.   What an amazing coincidence.   Several other ghosts seen in The Sun have come to visit my house.  Here they are!

We really are haunted.  Actually,  these ghosts were donated to me by new favorite iphone app.  The app. called ghost capture allows you to add one of 30 wonderful ghosts to any picture.   I see a new wave of  ghost photos in the future.   Ghost capture is even having a contest for the most realistic and scary picture  created with thier app.  I would like to thank one of my favorite blogs  for introducing me to this app and helping me fill all of my favorite family photos with ghosts and zombies.  Our Christmas pictures are going to be awesome this year.   


Autumnforest said…
That really makes me laugh. I love that app!
Mommy D said…
LMAO! AWESOME Post. Thanks for making me laugh :)

Mommy D
i'm so naive, i thought i would see the real thing, ha ha
Jessica Penot said…
You are not naive. I could have had a ghost in my house, but I have never been so lucky as to get a real photo this good.
Above the Norm said…
LOL, I have seen this story circulating on other blogs but I love that you added the ghosts to your home, looks like Casper wants to play.
Courtney Mroch said…
Oh my gosh, your son's faces! SO clever, Jessica! I love all the ghosts haunting your house and that you shared them this way!
Dave said…
They should have stuck a few orbs on there as well just to complete the whole thing. I love these shoddy attempts at deception.
Tom G said…
If you don't have the phone app you can always just kick up some dust before you photograph and then just tell people it is ghost orbs.

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