Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Rocky Top Village Inn Murders

I have another journey ahead of me, which means I get to explore more haunted places.  I'm going to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, home of some of the most breathtaking scenery in the country and many of the cheesiest tourist attractions in the country as well.  It is also home to some wonderful haunted hotels.  

I have walked past the Rocky Top Village in on many occasions before.  We travel to Gatlinburg often enough and this Inn is hard to miss.   It blends in with the scenery and isn't very noteworthy.  It is just another motel that looks like it fell out of the 70's.  However,  this motel is quite different.  This motel was the site of two grisly murders.  Troy Valentine and Melissa Hill were brutally stabbed and shot in the back office of this little motel. Troy was a security guard at the motel and Melissa was a night clerk.  The murders occurred in 1986 and the bodies were found in room 1.   Four men were arrested for the murders and convicted.   One of the men, Tattoo Eddie, was sentenced to death.   According to many,  the motel hasn't been the same since these murders.

Visitors to this very haunted motel have described seeing ghosts around the fountain and hearing screams at night.  Some say they can still hear Melissa screaming out in anguish.  Usually,  I love staying in haunted hotels and this would be high on my list,  if it weren't for the cabin with hot tub and pool table and view that I am already committed to. It is a shame, really.  This trip I will just have to settle for an evening walk through and some pictures.   Wish me luck.


laughingwolf said...

oh c'mon jessica, you KNOW you'd rather be askeert to death ;) lol

Mommy D said...

Good Luck! Can't wait to hear the result of your adventure!

Mommy D

Courtney Mroch said...

So cool. I didn't know of this one. But next time we go I will for sure see if we can book a room there!

Anonymous said...

It has been torn down as of June 2014....No longer standing

Anonymous said...

Wrong,The building is there. Not under Rocky Top Village Inn name. The old Holiday Inn Sunspree was demolished.