Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ghost Dogs of the South

It doesn't take too much to get me really excited.  I love the little things in life.  I find immense joy in a good meal and a good book.  Everything else can fall apart, but if I have the little things, I'm happy.  The little thing that brought a huge smile to my face today is the book Ghost Dogs of the South by Randy Russell and Janet Barnett.  I love ghosts, dogs, and the South so this book was made for me.  It is a collection of dog related ghost stories.  There are 20 Southern, ghost tales in this charming collection and I enjoyed them all.

My favorite one is from Mississippi and is a little bit scary.  It is the story of a charming little girl.   She is so sweet she takes a cake to her elderly neighbor for his birthday.  Her neighbor loves animals and has a house filled with cats.  When the girl delivers the cake,  the neighbor tells her there are puppies in the back yard.  She picks out a puppy and names it Buddy and the two are inseparable from then on.  The dog even sleeps with the little girl every night.  Time passes as it always does and the girl's mother notices that the bond between girl and dog are fading.  She asks the little girl why the dog isn't going with her into her room or sleeping with her at night.  The girls says that "Mildred"  hates Buddy.

The mother asks about Mildred.  The girls tells her mother that Mildred used to live in the house and she left her locket behind.  The mother was concerned.   She asked her daughter who Mildred was and the girl laughed and said that Mildred was standing behind her.   Chills went up and down the mother's spine.  She knew something had to be done and she asked her little girl for the locket.  It took some coaxing.  The girl didn't want to part with the trinket and she liked her friend Mildred, but the mother was firm and took the locket.   She took the locket out to the backyard.  Buddy followed her and together the two buried the locket far from the house where the little girl could never find it.  She dug deep.  The treasure would never be found.  Mildred was never heard from again and Buddy returned to his position on the little girl's bed and in her heart, but if it hadn't have been for Buddy the mother never would have noticed her daughter's unnatural friendship with Mildred.

I think I will post a few more of these little stories because they are so wonderful, but if you want to read all of them you may have to buy the book :).


PaleMother said...

Oooooh. Good one.

As I read this, I just happen to be watching The Haunted on Animal Planet (the show that offers paranormal stories with an animal element) ....

Speaking of the south, I also happen to be reading a biography of US Grant (Lee is next ... Kindle is pretty cool). Got any civil war ghost stories?

Also I ordered a book called The Rite ... it's a nonfiction book that the new Anthony Hopkins movie is based upon. Thought you might be interested.


Jessica Penot said...

I just got The Rite too! We'll have to compare notes. It sounds wonderful. I have a ton of civil war ghost stories. I'm working on Haunted Chatanooga and the ghost stories around Chicamaugua Battlefield are some of the best I've heard.

Bleaux Leaux said...

The story behind the Iron Dog in Richmond, Virginia's Hollywood Cemetery is well work checking out. There are many variations of the story behind the dog and the little girl whose grave he guards. Hard to say what's fact and what's legend at this point, but the dog himself is quite real.

Bear said...

Nice one! I'll have to dig up some Aussie stories for you. Many a drovers dog remained loyal after passing the Black stump.

Bear said...

Here's a good place to start


Adsila said...

I love the ghost animal stories. It seems the kiddies see them more often than adults.

Jessica Penot said...

Bleaux.... I lived in Richmond for 3 years and still visit. I'll look that one up. That would be a fun Haunt Jaunt when I'm in Richmond again.

Bear... Thanks for the link. That looks like an interesting book. I love the idead of ghostly drover dogs.

Adsila.. Your right! It is always the kids that see the dogs. I guess that is because there is such a strong connection between children and their pets.

Courtney Mroch said...

How super cool! I've been thinking about writing a book like this. Except about ghost animals. As you have probably experienced too, you come across a lot of these kinds of stories when you travel. But I didn't know this book was out.

I'm curious if he wrote about one from FL. It's my favorite. About a dog or wolf that appears near slave quarters on an old plantation. If you're good it's said you see the ghost as a dog. If you're bad, you see it as a wolf.

Hmmm...you're making me want to go find this story and relook it upnow... Another good post, Jessica!

laughingwolf said...

spooky tale that, jessica... just the kind i like :)

Pam Morris said...

yep, that was a good one--there's just something about the stories that have children and animals in them!

Bandhura said...

Hi Jessica!

I actually have this book but haven't read it yet. It's packed up in the Mobile Attic until I have a place to unpack all my stuff!