Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chickamauga Battlefield in Pictures

Today I went to Chickamauga Battlefield.  It was a beautiful day and the sun bathed the battlefield in a gentle light that lent itself well to photography.  The second most bloody battle in the Civil War was fought at this battlefield just South of Chattanooga. Thirty-five thousand soldiers died on these grounds.  I have written about the many ghosts of this second most haunted battlefield  in the country before and I will go into more detail about the hauntings and the green eyed beast that lives on Snodgrass Hill in my new book, Haunted Chattanooga.   But here area few pictures I took today.  Chickamauga is a stunningly beautiful military park buried in enormous monuments that serve as tombstones for the hundreds of dead from each state that fell in this battle.  I didn't expect in to be so lovely and I took far more pictures than I can put in the book.

Snodgrass Hill:  Where Old Green Eyes Lurks in the Shadows!


Marbella Jewelry Designs said...

that looks like an awesome place. adding it to my places to visit.

Courtney Mroch said...

What a beautiful photo essay! The tower was my favorite place when we visited. Was that where Old Gren Eyes is said to roam? If so I can see why!

Wanting said...

I love anything on the Civil War, yet I haven't been able to go here yet. A friend of mine has and told me that when she was there, the birds weren't singing...all she heard was...nothing. She said it was very eerie.

Dink said...

I have lived literally 2 miles from the battlefield most of my life minus my 11 year stay in the Army. This park truly is a beautiful place. I have hiked most if not all the trails in this park. Their are plenty of birds singing and to many dear honestly.

There have been rumors that in 2002 the park management released wolves in the park to control the deer population. I have yet to find out if this is true. There are plenty of coyotes in this park and it is very creepy to hear them howling while walking on the trails.

It is a great place and I do recommend visiting it if you have never been, the trails are great for family hikes and even my 3 year old daughter walked on her own on a 2 mile hike.

As far as green eyes, I have for sure heard the stories and myself witnessed strange unexplained things. However don't think I have ever seen "ole green eyes". I did talk to a Ranger once that swore and stuck to his story of seeing him personally once during a reenactment of the war they do yearly.

Overall beautiful creepy safe place to visit and live :-)

Anonymous said...

Just saw two white wolves in my yard chickamauga ga so its true they are hybred coyo wolf in chick am Aug a ga

Unknown said...

The battlefield is so beautiful I've lived here my entire life. I learned to drive in the park. Many strange things happen after dar k but during the day it is so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I visited the battlefield a week ago. It's beautiful! A must see too is the visitor center where there is a lot of things to see including a gun collection. There is also a mini theater and a short film is shown. This film is a must see. My daughter and I took the drive tour. Maps are available in the visitor center.
There is a lot of spirit energy here.
I know there are thousands of spirits here. You can feel it.
Later, I had a conversation with someone that identified himself as "Vance or Lance". It's unknown if he was part of the battle. He told me that days are spent playing cards and checkers, story telling of friends and family. They want to be remembered and wish that more people would come to the battlefield. They escort everyone that visits and pay close attention to those who can feel their presence. They like the visitors center and the people who work there but few have seen the short movie (too disturbing) and those who have would like more personal stories told. They also like the ground restoration.